10 Attractive Blue Highlights for Women in 2022

1. Dark Blue Highlights

Here is a perfect mid-length hairstyle for women who are looking to add blue highlights to their hair.

2. Electric Blue

There are plenty of ways to add your favorite blue color to your hair.

3. Split Dyed Blue

Split-dyed hairstyles are so popular right now.

4. Icy Blue Highlights on Black Hair

Blue icy highlights look so well when you add them to their dark hair.

5. Blue Streaks on Black Hair

If you are looking for a subtle way to add blue to your hair, you could go with this thin blue streak.

6. Subtle Blue Highlights

Subtle highlights are one of the most requested types of highlights there are.

7. Sapphire Blue on Black Hair

Try this next haircut for women if you've been growing out your hair for a while and want a new look.

8. Blended Teal Blue

Teal blue is another one of the best colors to add to your dark hair.

9. Curly Hair with Blue Highlights

Women with curly hair know how hard it can be to find the right look.

10. Deep Ocean Blue on Black Hair

Ocean blue and black always look so beautiful when they are paired together.

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