10 Best Large Dog Breeds for Families


Collies are kind, loyal, and good herders.

Bernese Mountain Dog: 

Bernese Mountain Dogs are quiet, loving family pets.


Newfoundlands are calm and patient, making them great family companions, especially for younger children.

Great Dane 

Great Danes love kids and are amiable despite their size.

Irish Setter: 

Irish Setters are playful, sociable, and great family dogs.

St. Bernard: 

Saint Bernards are calm, patient pets.


Vizslas are lively, loving, and loyal family dogs.

Doberman Pinscher 

Dobermans are loyal, intelligent, and protective, making them great family guard dogs.


Boxers are amiable, energetic, and good playmates for kids.

Mountain Dog: 

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are calm, loving, and protective family guardians.

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