10 Best Dog Breeds for Obedience

Retriever: Golden 

Golden Retrievers are great obedience dogs due to their friendliness and trainability.

Retriever: Labrador 

Labs are intelligent and driven by positive reinforcement, making them easy to teach.


Obedience training is easy for poodles because they're smart and eager to please.

Shepherd, Australian: 

Obedience and agility training suit Australian Shepherds.

Pinscher Doberman: 

Dobermans are obedient because they're trainable and want to please their owners.


Obedience training is easy for Papillons.

Shetland sheepdog: 

Shelties are smart and eager to please, making them great obedience dogs.

Malinois Belgian: 

Belgian Malinois are bright and determined, utilized in police and military service for their obedience and agility.


Rottweilers are obedient, trainable, and protective.

Mountain Dog: Bernese 

Bernese Mountain Dogs learn quickly and are smart.

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