10 best hairstyle for black women over 50

Native Afro: 

Full afro hairstyles embrace natural hair texture. This powerful style highlights your natural curls.

Box braids 

Box braids include braiding little square or rectangular portions of hair. They're adjustable.


Cornrows are neatly braided hairstyles. They come in many styles.

Safe Styles: 

Braids, twists, and updos protect and grow hair. They're stylish and low-maintenance.

Pixie Cut: 

A sleek and strong pixie cut enhances your facial features. It's customizable and low-maintenance.

High bun: 

Gathering hair on top of the head and tying it in a bun creates a chic high bun. It's flexible.

Senegalese Twists: 

Extension-twisted Senegalese twists are popular. They're durable and elegant.

Curly Weave: 

Curly weaves give natural hair length and volume. It's style-friendly.

Bantu knots: 

Bantu knots are small, twisted, scalp-secured hair coils. They can be worn alone or as heatless curls.

Faux Locs: 

Faux locs are short-term locs. They appear trendy and bohemian with synthetic or human hair extensions.

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