10 Boho Hair Styles for Women Over 50

Braided Headband

Curling irons and hot rollers create soft, loose waves. Create a braided headband by braiding a small section of hair

Layered Low Bun: 

Make a loose, low bun at your nape. For a casual appearance, remove several face-framing layers.

Crown Braid:

Braid each side separately. Cross the braids behind your head to make a crown. Bobby pin.

Pixie Cut: 

Try a textured pixie cut. Texturizing spray or pomade can define this low-maintenance look.

Boho Beach Waves 

Sea salt spray or curling wands create beachy waves. For a messy look, scrunch your hair.

Braided ponytail: 

Leave some hair out of a low or high ponytail. Braid and bobby pin the part around the ponytail base.

Twisted Messy:

Tease your crown for volume, then twist small sections of hair from the sides to the back and secure with bobby pins.

Side Braid: 

Gather your hair to one side and loosely braid it. For a romantic look, remove face-framing layers.

Braided Topknot: 

Braid and top knot your hair in a high ponytail. Bobby pin it and rip out some strands for an undone look.

Feathered Hair:

Boho-inspired hair is long, layered, and feathered. This haircut softens and moves.

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