10 Cutest Short Hairstyles For Little Girls in 2023

Cut: Pixie 

A classic short hairstyle for little girls that's easy to maintain.

Robert Cut: 

A straight or layered short bob cut is appealing and flexible.

Short Curly Hair: 

Short haircuts are charming and exciting for girls with natural curls.

Bangs: Sideswept 

Side-swept bangs make any short haircut lovely and lively.

Short Shaggy Cut: 

For little girls, a shaggy hairdo with layers is adorable and carefree.

Undercut Short: 

An undercut with a longer top can give beautiful little girls a new style.

Buns or Pigtails:

Little girls can have cute pigtails or buns even with short hair.

Mohawk: Short 

A short mohawk is attractive and unusual for more daring styles.

Bob Short: 

Short hair can be textured and charming with a wavy bob.

Braids or Twists: 

A short haircut with little braids or twists looks adorable and lively.

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