10 Hottest Ways to Rock a Shaggy Pixie Bob

Tousled Waves 

Your shaggy pixie bob will look effortless and elegant with beachy waves.

Side-Sweep Bangs: 

Side-swept bangs frame the face and soften your shaggy pixie bob.

Cut Ends: 

Razored ends lend edge to your shaggy pixie bob.

Messy and Choppy:

A sloppy and jagged style is trendy and carefree.

Highlights of Balayage 

Highlight your scruffy pixie hairstyle with balayage for a sun-kissed look.

Asymmetrical Cut: 

Asymmetrical cuts with one side longer than the other produce a stunning and modern aesthetic.

Deeper Side: 

Your shaggy pixie bob will appear dramatic with a deep side part.

Fluffy Bangs: 

Feathered bangs give your shaggy pixie bob beauty and gentleness.

Trimmed Undercut: 

Add extra edge to your shaggy pixie bob with a shaved undercut.

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