10 Most Stylish Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 60

Curly Pixie: 

A pixie can show off your curls if you have them naturally.

Fairy Pixie:

Layers give a light, airy effect.

Short-fringed Pixie:

Pixie cuts look elegant with tiny fringes.

Edgy Pixie:

A pixie cut with an undercut is edgy and confident.

Ruffled Pixie

This look is messy and young.

Pixie: Side-Parted

A side part makes your pixie cut elegant.

Choppy Pixie:

Choppy layers are modern and attractive.

Layered Pixie:

Longer bangs can be swept to the side for a gentle, appealing look.

Sleek Pixie: 

Keep it tidy for a classic look.

Gray Pixie:

Gray hair with dark roots looks stylish.