10 On-Trend Ways to Get a Shag with Curtain Bangs

Original Shag 

To add volume and texture, have a traditional shag haircut with layers.

Long Shag: 

A longer shag haircut with curtain bangs creates a bohemian, elegant image.

Messy Shag: 

Add texture and movement to your shag and curtain bangs to get a disheveled look.

Wavy Shag: 

Adding curtain bangs to a wavy shag will enhance your natural waves.

Modern Shag 

A modern shag haircut with structure and layers is a great choice.

Choppy Shag: 

Choppy layers and curtain bangs give your shag an edgy, fashionable look.

Short Shag: 

A shorter shag haircut with curtain bangs is elegant and classy for shorter hair.


Request curtain bangs that frame your face and match your shag haircut.

Curly Shag: 

For a fun and playful style, embrace your natural curls and have a curly shag with curtain bangs.

Layered Shag

Soften your layered shag haircut with curtain bangs.

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