10 Playful Pixie Cuts for Women in Their 50s

Classic Pixie: 

The basic pixie cut is short, uniformly trimmed hair with a slightly longer top to style.

Layered Pixie: 

Layers give your pixie movement and texture. This style is classy.

Pixie Mess: 

Messy pixie cuts exude carefreeness. This whimsical style has tousled layers and a somewhat disheveled look.

Asymmetric Pixie: 

Asymmetrical cuts give pixies edge. This striking, trendy shape keeps one side longer than the other.

Textured Pixie: 

Texture your pixie cut for volume. Razor cutting or texturizing achieves this.

Pixie Bangs: 

Pixie cuts with bangs are lively and youthful. Bangs can be wispy or choppy.

Fringe Pixie: 

For beautiful facial framing, sweep your bangs to the side. This style softens your features and makes your pixie more feminine.

Pixie undercut: 

An undercut pixie, where the sides and/or back are shaved or cut very short but the top is longer

Long Pixie:

If you're not ready for an ultra-short pixie, go longer. This pixie cut is more versatile but still whimsical.

Colored Pixie: 

For a fun, young look, color your pixie cut. Adding highlights or a bright color can transform your pixie.