10 Punk Hairstyles for Women over 50

Faux Hawk:

The faux hawk is a mohawk with extended sides.


The mohawk, a punk hairstyle, with shaved sides and a strip of longer hair in the center that can be spiked or styled.

Shaved undercut:

Choose a shaved undercut, where one side or the rear of the head is shaved and the rest is longer and styled artistically.

Spiky Pixie:

Spike a short pixie for a punk look.

Hair Color:

Dye your hair blue, pink, or purple for a punk haircut.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers give any haircut punk rock edge.

Long punk:

For longer hair, go punk rock with choppy layers and a wild look.

Punk Fringe

Punk fringe or side-swept bangs add edge.

Mohawk Braid

For a trendy punk look, braid the central strip of hair in a mohawk.

Punk Gear:

Punk up any hairdo with studded hair accessories, hair cuffs, or bright hair extensions.

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