10 Unusual Gardening Tips That Actually Work

Coffee Grounds:

Use leftover coffee grounds to repel slugs and snails. They may avoid your plants due to their roughness and strong smell.

Vibrant Blooms: 

Water flowering plants monthly with a spoonful of Epsom salt in a gallon of water. Epsom salt's magnesium and sulfate improve blooming.

Cinnamon Fungicide: 

Cinnamon powder in potted plant soil prevents fungus growth. Cinnamon's antifungal qualities protect plants from different illnesses.

Banana Peel Fertilizer

Blend banana peels with water to fertilize plants naturally. Potassium and other minerals in banana peels support growth.


To prevent deer and other animals, scatter human or pet hair around your yard. Hair might confuse and deter them.

Fish Tank

Don't waste nutrient-rich water when cleaning your fish tank. It provides nitrogen and other nutrients to plants when watered.

Plant Water

After boiling veggies or pasta, let the water cool and water your plants. The vegetable-leached water can be recycled as kitchen waste.

Eggshell Mulch:

Crushed eggshells make good mulch and add calcium to the soil. Spread them over calcium-deficient tomatoes and peppers.


Poke small holes in a plastic soda bottle cap, fill it with water, then bury it upside down near your plants to make a DIY watering system.

Foil Reflectors:

Reflect sunshine onto dark plants in your garden with strips of aluminum foil. This boosts growth and health.

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