10 Y2k Hairstyles That Actually Look Cute older woman

Facial Accents:

Highlights or streaks around your face give dimension and playfulness.

Scrunchied Messy Bun:

A Y2K look is a sloppy hairdo with colorful scrunchies.

Shaggy Bob:

A modern Y2K choppy bob is a layered bob with scruffy edges.

Space Buns

Space buns are stylish and attractive.

Baby Bangs:

For an edgy style, wear your natural curls with baby bangs.

Pigtails Half-Up:

Half-up pigtails are fun and youthful.

Chunky Highlighted

Chunky highlights make a layered pixie cut exciting and striking.

Micro Braids

Try Y2K-inspired micro braids.


Butterfly clips add nostalgia to wavy or textured lobs.

Slick-Back Ponytail:

For a chic, sophisticated Y2K style, use a sleek, slicked-back high ponytail.

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