12 Most Stylish Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 60

Pixie Classic: 

Classic pixie cuts have short, uniformly trimmed hair with a longer top to style. Elegant and easy to maintain.

Pixie Layered: 

For texture and movement, stack your pixie cut. Pixies with layers offer volume and tenderness.

Pixie Tousled: 

Tumbled pixie cuts are carefree and youthful. This stylish style requires tousling hair.

Pixie: Side-Swept 

Sweep the longer top layers to one side for an exquisite face-framing effect. The basic pixie gets a feminine touch with this style.

Pixie Edgy: 

Modernize your look with a daring pixie cut. An undercut or shaved sides are modern options.

Bangs: Pixie. 

For a fun look, add bangs to your pixie cut. Depending on your preference, bangs can be soft and wispy or bold and jagged.

Pixie Long: 

Try a lengthier pixie if you're not ready for an ultra-short one. Long pixies offer more styling possibilities while retaining the classic pixie cut.

Pixie Silver: 

In a trendy pixie cut, show off your silver or gray hair. Elegant silver pixies are easy to wear.

Pixie Asymmetry: 

An asymmetrical pixie cut adds edge. One side is longer than the other in this modern and beautiful style.

Pixie Texture: 

Add texture to your pixie cut for volume and dimension. Texturizing or razor cutting can do this.

Pixie highlighted: 

Add dimension to your pixie cut with highlights or lowlights. Highlights can also enliven your look.

Pixie Curly: 

Curly pixie cuts are great for naturally curly hair. This style highlights your curls and is playful and classy.

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