12 “Outdated” Parenting Trends That Are Making Kids Miserable

Helicopter parenting means that a parent is too involved in and in charge of their child's life.

1. Helicopter Parenting

Tiger parenting is a style of parenting that is very strict and demanding, with a big focus on academic success and performance. 

2. Tiger Parenting

Attachment parenting focuses on the parent being physically close to the child all the time. This is usually done by doing things like co-sleeping, wearing the baby, and nursing for a long time.

3. Attachment Parenting

Sharenting is when a parent shares too much personal information, pictures, and milestones about their child on social media. 

4. Sharenting

Competitive parenting means comparing your child to others all the time and wanting them to be the best at everything. 

5. Competitive Parenting

Overindulgent parenting means giving a child everything he or she wants and giving them too many perks and things.

6. Overindulgence

Parenting by proxy is when parents depend too much on technology, like computers or smartphones, to keep their kids entertained or busy.

7. Parenting by Proxy

Parents are increasingly putting their own wants and well-being last while putting their kids' needs first. This is called "neglecting self-care." 

8. Neglecting Self-Care

Labeling and defining children based on their skills or traits is a bad trend that can have effects that last for a long time.

9. Labeling and Stereotyping

Parents who "snowplow" their children make sure that there are no problems or failures in their lives. 

10. Snowplow Parenting

Intensive scheduling is a trend in which parents fill their children's schedules with many events, leaving little time for rest, relaxation, or unstructured play.

11. Intensive Scheduling

Parents who only care about their kids' grades and ignore their emotional well-being and social growth are part of a trend called "neglecting emotional intelligence." 

12. Neglecting Emotional Intelligence