12 Stylish Short Hairstyles From The 60’s

1. Rocky Mullet

The swinging haircut of American singer Joan Jett will shake your world. The irregular hairstyle with rough bangs might make your leather jacket stylish. Not edgier than this!

2. The Marilyn Monroe

Many ladies wanted to dye their hair like her golden hair. This American actress was the embodiment of glamor; a generation looked to her. Use hot rollers or curlers to get this style.

3. Pixie Perfect

The charm is simplicity! In the photo above, Michelle Williams modernizes a historic school. Her thick side baby bangs give it a classic look with a contemporary edge. 

4. Bob With A Low Side Part

 The ‘Lost in Translation’ actress completes her provocative look by slicking down one side of her golden hair and curling the rest.

5. Mod-ern Style

Twiggy's powerful, androgynous appearance, sleek pixie crop, and big eyelashes defined the 1960s.

6. Bobbed Hair

Coco Rocha's 1960s-inspired haircut is chic. Her lively and youthful countenance is breathtaking after the jaw-length cut removes years off her face.

7. Five-Point Cut

Former American model and actress Peggy Moffitt made the five-point cut her distinctive hairdo. This is one of the greatest short haircuts for over-60s.

8. Uber Urchin

This hairdo, inspired by Mia Farrow's Rosemary's Baby, is feminine and flatters oval, square, and heart-shaped features.

9. Afro

Singer Solange Knowles rocks her natural hair well. We adore how these tight curls give her hair volume that spans from day to night.

10. Super Short Bangs

Our short-hair inspiration is Emma Watson's iconic, edgy pixie cut. This beautiful and practical haircut requires flair and confidence with angled bangs and spiky textures.

11. Bubble Bouffant

Continuing from the late 1950s, the bouffant grew large in the 1960s. Margaret Thatcher, Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, and The Supremes wore bouffants. 

12. Pageboy

The 60s may be gone, but Pageboy vibes are still appealing. Yu Yamada models the traditional and stylish bob curled at chin and harsh bangs to define her face.

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