10 Fascinating Plants That Look Like Animals


Also known as the bee orchid, this flower mimics the appearance of a female bee to attract male bees for pollination.


The flowers of snapdragons resemble the face of a dragon when squeezed, hence the name. This resemblance is especially pronounced in certain cultivars.

Monkey Face:

This orchid species has flowers that bear a striking resemblance to the face of a monkey, complete with a nose and eyes.

Swaddled Babies:

The flowers of this orchid species resemble tiny swaddled babies, with their petals forming a shape reminiscent of a baby wrapped in a blanket.

Dancing Girls:

The flowers of this Impatiens species resemble miniature dancing girls, with their petals resembling skirts.

Flying Duck:

This orchid species has flowers that mimic the appearance of a duck in flight, complete with a 'beak' and 'wings'.

Parrot Flower:

The flowers of this Impatiens species resemble the head of a parrot, complete with a beak-like structure and vibrant colors.

Cobra Lily:

The pitcher plant Darlingtonia californica has tubular leaves that resemble the head of a cobra, complete with 'fangs' and 'eyes'.

Dead Horse Arum Lily:

This plant produces a flower that mimics the appearance and smell of rotting flesh to attract flies for pollination.

Bleeding Tooth Fungus:

While not a plant, this fungus deserves mention for its resemblance to a bleeding tooth.