2 New Viral Ice Cream Trends Are Taking America By Storm

Bread made with clouds. Noodle crisps. The butter the boards with. The various food trends that have dominated social media in recent years 

Social media users have been inspired to put their own touch on popular dishes after seeing videos of creative and visually appealing dishes that 

went viral on TikTok. Two ice cream-based frozen desserts have recently become quite popular on social media.

The initial fad was started by Golnar Ghavami (@golisdream) of TikTok, who posted a video of her "sweet guilty pleasure" of ice cream wrapped 

in a Fruit Roll-Up. The TikToker ate what he called "the best and so satisfying": a strawberry Fruit Roll-Up wrapped around a dollop of 

mango ice cream. as you add ice cream to a fruit-flavored sheet, it rapidly freezes, changing the texture from chewy to crunchy with a satisfying crunch

A gasp escaped my lips. The crunch element came as a surprise. Wow! One TikTok user said "thank you" for the response.

"How did I go my ENTIRE childhood not knowing that fruit rollups freeze so easily...?" asked another.

The Fruit Roll-Up ice cream fad isn't exactly new to the world of social media, either. BuzzFeed noted in 2021 that user @trinhdoesthings on TikTok