4 McDonald's Items That Are Surprisingly Expensive

Restaurants nationwide charge more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food out from home prices rose 7.7% in June 2023. 

Even McDonald's has been raising prices in recent years. McDonald's raised prices in 2021 to counter food and commodity inflation. 

2023 McDonald's prices are rising. They'll criticize the business if a menu item is excessively expensive.

Hash browns may be the reason McDonald's breakfasts have become more expensive lately. The chain has been criticized for the price of their crispy fried potato patties.

McDonald's franchisees set rates, but a large order of fries at a McDonald's near me in New Jersey costs $4.89.

The McChicken is tasty, but its price isn't. A viral TikTok revealed shocking McChicken prices this week, shocking customers.

Today, fries and a drink with a Big Mac may cost a lot. McDonald's customers are enraged by Big Mac Combo meals costing $18 in several US cities.

The video garnered over 280,000 views and thousands of shocked consumer comments. "Keep them burgers!!!! "I'll never pay that."

After seeing a Big Mac Combo costing nearly $18 at a Connecticut rest area,

another customer tweeted about McDonald's. Rest stop McDonald's are more pricey, yet customers were still confused.