5 Dog Breeds With Blue Tongues

1.Chow Chow

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Blue-tongued breed: oldest and known for blue tongue; possible relation to next breed.

2.Shar Pei

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Shar Peis & Chow Chows have wrinkled skin & dark tongues. Scientists believe they descend from Tibetan wolves. Don't mock them for it!


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Not all Rottweilers have blue tongues, but pink tongues with blue/black spots are common. They make great guard dogs—beware of their past encounters.

4.German Shepherd

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Blue tongues in German Shepherds are rare but not unheard of. Pigment concentrations on the tongue are usually harmless, unless they form later in life. Consult a vet for any concerns.


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Akitas resemble skinny Chow Chows, with spotted tongues. They are loving with family but wary of strangers.

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