7 Best Financial Gifts for Kids

Open a savings account for the child and make the initial deposit. This introduces the concept of saving money, and over time, the child can watch the balance grow.

Savings Account:

Gift shares of a stock or contribute to an investment account on behalf of the child. This can serve as an introduction to the stock market and long-term investing.

Stocks or Investment Account:

Contribute to an Education Savings Account (ESA) or a 529 Plan to help save for the child's future education expenses.

Educational Savings Account (ESA) or 529 Plan:

Board games or online games that teach financial concepts in a fun and interactive way can make great gifts.

Financial Education Games:

Give books that are designed to teach kids about money, saving, investing, and other financial concepts.

Books on Financial Literacy:

A physical piggy bank or money jar is a tangible way for kids to start saving loose change and small amounts of money.

Piggy Bank or Money Jar:

Instead of generic gift cards, consider gift cards that promote financial responsibility.

Gift Cards with a Purpose: