7 Daily Exercises for Men to Maintain Muscle

Hip Bridge

Stronger glutes and hips improve movement patterns, strength, and knee and lower back health for all guys.


Myth aerobics shrinks muscles. Light exercise helps you recover and prepare for harder training to keep muscular.

Wall Slides

Our everyday muscle-building exercises for guys include the wall slide. Men often have crooked shoulders due to overdeveloped chest and weak back muscles.


They work well with barbells, kettlebells, etc. in the gym and for mobility and recuperation to get circulation flowing and open hips.


Core activation is needed for heavy weights and reps. Push your forearms into the ground to round your upper back and curl your hips to flatten your lower back.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Everybody has tight hip flexors due to prolonged sitting, leading to lower back difficulties and inefficient movement patterns.

Spider-Man lunges overhead

This dynamic hip and back stretch is exceptional. Executing the action will increase your mobility, boosting workouts and lowering soreness.

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