8 Ideas How to Spice Up Your Half Bun

1. French Braids with Middle Part

French braid two symmetrical plaits at each side of a center portion. Take them into a messy higher topknot to look more informal.

2. Double Fishtail Braids

To get this hairstyle, pull back half of your hair, braid it into a fishtail, and then wrap it around into a bun.

3. Voluminous Bun

If a messy, untidy bun isn't your style, a big bun is one way to make the look more polished and put together.

4. Half Bun with Side Braid

A side braid half bun makes long hair look more feminine on women. It's also a great way to hide shorter layers or bangs that have grown out.

5. Twisted Low Bun

Opt for twists to upgrade your bun. Use only the sections that frame your face.

6. Center Dutch High Bun

Sugar and spice, the center Dutch version is tough but sweet when worn with medium or long hair down.

7. Messy and Loose Knot

The messy bun is a style that stands out. It has been worn many times by the Olsen twins and other fashionable women and can't go wrong. 

8. Neat Cornrow Bun

Spike up the badass meter of your half bun half down hairstyle throwing in some cornrows into the mix!

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