8 Signs that Your Cat May Be Sick

1. Cat Refusing to Eat

If a cat won't eat, it's a sign of trouble. Lack of appetite can lead to hepatic lipidosis. Take your cat to the vet promptly.

2. Cat is Limping

Limping cat indicates pain or discomfort. Causes include wounds, foreign objects, fractures, or arthritis. Inspect visually, remove if possible. If unsure, seek vet's help.

3. Cat is Drinking More Water

Cats struggle to drink enough water due to prey's moisture. Dry food cats should switch to wet diet. Excessive drinking may signal health problems like diabetes or thyroid issues. Vet check needed.

4. Cat Urinating More Frequently

Frequent urination in cats can signal pain. UTIs or stones cause discomfort. Urgent vet visit needed if blood in urine or no urine. Male cats prone to fatal ureteral obstructions.

5. Cat Refusing to Use the Litter Box

Cat avoiding litter box may indicate painful urination. UTIs, bladder stones, and kidney disease commonly affect litter habits.

6. Cat With Diarrhea

Causes of cat diarrhea: infections, sensitivities, stress, IBS. Diarrhea risks dehydration, prompt treatment necessary to prevent organ damage and costly vet care.

7. Cat Vomiting

Frequent vomiting in cats risks dehydration, needs vet attention. Infections, liver disease, blockages, or cancer could be causes. Investigate for timely treatment.

8. Cat With Nasal or Ocular Discharge

Abnormal secretions in cats indicate respiratory or eye infections. See a vet early, follow instructions, and isolate contagious cats for safety.

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