8 Things To Keep Out Of Your Bedroom, According To Designers

Excessive Technology

Designers suggest minimizing technology like TVs, computers, and smartphones in the bedroom. These devices can disrupt sleep patterns and reduce relaxation.

Clutter And Unnecessary Items

A cluttered bedroom can feel chaotic and stressful. Designers recommend keeping only essential items and maintaining a clean, organized space.

Work-Related Materials

Keeping work out of the bedroom helps separate work and relaxation. Avoid having a desk or work materials there.

Bright And Harsh Lighting

Softer, warmer lighting is preferred in bedrooms to create a relaxing ambiance. Bright, harsh lighting can be jarring and is not conducive to winding down.

Bold And Loud Colors

While personal taste varies, generally designers suggest using calm, soothing colors in the bedroom. Loud or bold colors can be stimulating rather than relaxing.

Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment can make the bedroom feel more like a gym than a place of rest. Keeping these items out can help the bedroom remain a tranquil space.

Mirrors Facing The Bed

Some designers advise against having mirrors facing the bed, as they can be disruptive and sometimes create an unsettling feeling, especially at night.

Large, Overbearing Furniture

Oversized furniture can make a bedroom feel cramped and small. Designers often recommend furniture that is proportional to the size of the room for a balanced look.

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