9 Paint Colors That'll Make Your Small Kitchen Double In Size

Shades Of Blue

It's a clever way to designate a kitchen's different zones and make it appear bigger by using three blue shades to create depth.

Leafy Green

If your kitchen leads to the outdoors, bring nature in by painting the floors a rich, grass-like green

Navy Blue And Brass

Aiming for "sultry urban glam," use brass as the starting point and ran with it.t's a small but interesting space, with lots of details to discover


Yes, farmhouse kitchens can have color. This deep orange enhances the rustic appeal and rust color of the kitchen backsplash.

Pale Yellow

To make a narrow galley kitchen feel spacious, choose a cool, pale yellow that rivals the sun. It will bring a cheery disposition to your mornings


Understated but edgy, this mauve shade brings the drama without the fuss.Choose  quiet but alluring alternative to the traditional barn red the homeowner was originally considering.

Mint Green

If your kitchen is also your dining room, a monochromatic look adds fun and intrigue. Even the ombre dining bar stools in the living room keep the theme going

Red Orange

Go big in a narrow kitchen by choosing a vibrant, red-orange paint color! It will make your kitchen full of zest and life


Since this kitchen opens up to the dining and living room area chose hardware-free cabinets and a sleek white color so it blends into the background.