Burger King Has Created a Fancy New Whopper With Brisket

Although the Whopper has been a fixture of the Burger King menu for decades, the restaurant has not been afraid to update the classic with innovative twists.

The plant-based Impossible Whopper, which fans say tastes virtually identical to a conventional Whopper

and the limited edition Angry Whopper have both been huge hits with customers.

If you're a fan of Burger King's legendary Whopper burger but want to try something new or just have a serious meat desire, you're in luck: the newest version

Starting next week, customers in Las Vegas and Minneapolis will be able to try out a new Bacon Jam Brisket Whopper at certain Burger King locations.

This limited-time offering will be available in these areas beginning on April 17 and will stay on menus through May 25.

The classic Whopper consists of a flame-grilled beef patty between two sesame seed buns with tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickle, 

and white onion slices. Shredded brisket, melty American cheese, crisp onions, and a sweet and smoky bacon jam take the traditional burger

For the time being, Burger King devotees who don't happen to be based in either Las Vegas or Minneapolis won't be able to try the new Bacon 

Jam Brisket Whopper. But if everything goes well, Burger King will eventually roll out the limited-edition menu item nationwide after the test proves its viability.