Coca-Cola is Giving Fanta a Major Flavor Upgrade

Fanta is not subtle. From vibrant blue Fanta Berry to deep red Fanta Strawberry, the soft drinks are tasty and colorful.

However, Fanta enthusiasts who want their soda to taste even brighter are in for a treat. Fanta Orange,

a "bolder and fruitier-tasting" variation of the soft drink's characteristic flavor, is being released by the Coca-Cola Company.

"It's still the Fanta Orange you know and love, but now even more irresistibly delicious," said Coca-Cola North America's senior brand 

manager for effervescent flavors, Chris Hunsaker. We listen to our customers to deliver the best-tasting products and most enjoyable experiences.

The launch announcement says the new Fanta Orange will hit grocery stores in the US and Canada this month and expand to other nations in 2023.

Consumer taste tests helped Coke produce the updated Fanta Orange flavor, so fans should like it.

The new Fanta Orange products will look and taste different at supermarket stores. The business said the bottles will have a new logo 

Coke calls its new soft drink its "biggest marketing campaign in more than a decade." The campaign includes college campus sample events, 

an immersive Fanta Experience in Los Angeles in mid-April, a limited-edition "Scent of Fanta" fragrance launching next month