Coca-Cola Product Is Back At Costco, But price are high

Mexican Coke tastes better than US-made Coke—and it's not the glass bottle. The US's most popular soft drink uses high-fructose corn syrup. 

Mexican Coke imported to the US uses real cane sugar, and consumers say they can taste the difference.

Recently, Costco members reported seeing this special beverage in warehouses. Mexican Coke's popularity didn't save it from price criticism.

A Costco shopper submitted a photo of Mexican Coke cases in their local warehouse

on the retailer's Reddit page this week. Redditors noted that a 24-pack of drinks costs $32.99.

Some buyers remembered purchasing cases of the soft drink for substantially less at Costco. One recalls seeing Mexican Coke for $23.99 

"not that long ago," while another said they could purchase a case for $18 before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Reddit users have frequently criticized Costco's exorbitant soft drink prices. Due to the pandemic and supply chain concerns, supermarket 

costs have soared in recent years. Eggs and pork prices have only dropped in the past few months.

Despite high grocery bills, Costco members couldn't get over the Mexican Coke price tag.