Domino's Pizza Is Losing Customers Due to Recent Price

Customers are noticing the world's largest pizza chain's pricing hikes to battle increased food and labor costs.

Domino's price hike: how much? In October, chain officials expected a 7% price increase in Q4 2023.

Domino's also raised prices and changed some of its most popular promotions in 2023, dissatisfying customers.

In March 2023, the chain boosted its Mix & Match delivery deal from $5.99 to $6.99.

Domino's $7.99 carryout bargain now includes pizza, dip and bread, or wings.

Domino's reduced the deal's wings from 10 to eight without raising the price. The carryout offer now only allows

one topping on a pizza instead of three. The chain made this bargain digital-only, eliminating in-store and phone orders.

Expectedly, customers dislike these adjustments. "Unfortunately it's now cheaper for me to buy my favorite frozen pizza than a Domino's

pan pizza, so that's what I am doing going forward," one Reddit user remarked of the Mix and Match pricing bump.

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