Financial Health Check: Assessing Your Money Mindset

Do you regularly review and adjust your goals as your life circumstances change?

Reflection on Financial Goals:

Are you mindful of your spending, differentiating between needs and wants?

Spending Habits:

How much of your income do you allocate to savings or investments?

Attitude Towards Saving:

Are you aware of your current debt situation, including interest rates and repayment plans?

Debt Awareness:

Have you assessed your risk tolerance when it comes to investments?

Risk Tolerance and Investments:

How regularly do you seek financial education and stay informed about personal finance matters?

Financial Education:

Do you actively seek opportunities to increase your income, such as through career development or side hustles?

Mindset Towards Income:

Do you have an emergency fund that can cover three to six months' worth of living expenses?

Emergency Preparedness: