How Long Each Zodiac Sign Recovers From Breakup 

Aries   It's not that you don't feel bad about your breakup or that you lack emotion; you just aren't a dweller.   

Taurus   Taurus, it takes you a while to get over things.  

Your fixed earth-sign personality means that once you've found a partner you won't want to change things up. 

Cancer  Gemini, the time it takes you to feel ready to move on from a relationship can vary, but a month is a good benchmark.  

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Your malleable air sign tends to want to try everything until you're sure, which may be stressful and irritating for everyone. 

Leo:   You'll never tell the world how long it takes you to process a breakup.  

Anyone who knows you understands you won't suffer in silence, especially about your pride. 

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