How to Order at a Steakhouse for Weight Loss

Opt for lean cuts of steak such as sirloin, tenderloin (filet mignon), or flank steak.

Choose Lean Cuts:

Ask for your steak to be grilled or broiled rather than fried or pan-seared. This reduces the amount of added fats and calories.

Request Grilled or Broiled:

Avoid adding butter or extra sauces to your steak. Instead, flavor it with fresh herbs, lemon juice, or a sprinkle of black pepper.

Skip the Butter:

Instead of calorie-dense sides like mashed potatoes or fries, opt for steamed or grilled vegetables as your side dish.

Load Up on Veggies:

Start your meal with a side salad (dressing on the side) or a vegetable-based appetizer to help control your appetite.

Choose a Salad:

Steakhouse portions are often larger than necessary. Consider ordering a smaller portion size.

Watch Portion Sizes:

Skip the breadbasket or limit yourself to one small piece of bread, and avoid spreading butter on it.

Limit Bread and Butter:

Drink water or unsweetened beverages instead of sugary cocktails or sodas, which can add unnecessary calories.

Stay Hydrated:

Skip fried appetizers like onion rings or mozzarella sticks, as they can be high in calories and unhealthy fats.

Avoid Fried Appetizers:

Eat slowly, savoring each bite, and stop when you feel satisfied rather than overly full.

Practice Mindful Eating: