Hypoallergenic Dogs: 10 Best Breeds for People with Allergies

Scottish Terrier

An ideal smaller dog, the Scottish terrier only requires trimming twice yearly. They're very low maintenance!

Standard Schnauzer

Whether full-sized or miniature, this breed is intelligent and loyal. They love to play and to be near you.


Despite looking like fluffy cotton balls, the Maltese is a dog breed that doesn't shed nearly as much as most dogs.

Standard Poodle

A hugely popular breed, poodles of all varieties and sizes  need regular clipping for their gorgeous curly hair, but they don't shed much at all.

Yorkshire Terrier

The cute little dogs called Yorkies are great for people who are always on the go and for people who live in apartments.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels griffon barely sheds. Classified as a toy dog breed, they very rarely weigh in at over 10 pounds.

Italian Greyhound

These sleek and graceful dogs shed no hair, only requiring their coats to be rubbed with a towel to keep them groomed and shiny.

Norwich Terrier

They are English dogs that were first bred to help catch foxes and keep rats out of farm sheds.

Lakeland Terrier

Also bred to assist farmers with eradicating foxes and rats, these confident and energetic dogs have a desire to be active throughout the day.

Shih Tzu

Originally from China, Shih Tzus make up for their small stature with big personalities.

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