Interior Decor Trends Regaining Popularity


For decades, everyone with wallpaper in their home was ardently determined to scrape it off the walls in favor of paint.

Round Lines

Round lines are coming back in multiple ways. For some, round lines mean curvilinear furniture, particularly couches and chairs; for others, the round lines come from arches and round windows.

Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are making a major comeback, and it could be for various reasons.

Brown Schemes

For a while, beige and gray were the name of the game when it came to colors. And while those are still very popular, they're becoming less popular thanks to a resurgence in trends like brown color schemes.

Colorful Cabinets

Gone are the days when every American home had wood-toned cabinets. Back are the days when purples, greens, blues, and other jewel tones are taking center stage.

Room Dividers

It's a shame room dividers ever went out of style. Open concepts were all the rage for many years, but now people are seeking privacy again.

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