KitKat Cereal Is Coming—But There's a Catch

When taking a break, Nestlé recommends a KitKat. Instead than merely snacking and dessert, KitKats want to be breakfast's go-to.

KitKat tweeted today that it would produce a candy bar-inspired breakfast cereal. The announcement coincided with National Cereal Day on March 7.

Breaking news! KitKat Cereal is coming to breakfast! "Who's excited to try?" the brand tweeted.

One significant caveat. Since KitKat cereal launches in the U.K. next month, U.S.

fans may not be able to get it. Fans enthusiastically celebrated the new offering in the comments section.

The firm promised a "whole new type of KitKat" on Twitter yesterday before revealing the new cereal. 

KitKat also released a short video showing the cereal box's design, which contains the candy bar's logo and red hue.

As any fan knows, a KitKat is a crunchy, chocolate-covered wafer bar with many other tastes including chunky peanut butter and white chocolate. 

The Hershey manufacturer makes KitKats in the U.S. for Nestlé, the world's largest food manufacturer.

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