Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Guys

Grab a white sheet, cut out two eye holes, and you're set! It's simple, yet always a hit.

1. The Classic Ghost

Don a black suit, black tie, sunglasses, and you're instantly transformed into a secret government agent.

2. Men in Black

Mess up your hair, wear old clothes, and add some dark circles under your eyes. The undead look is timeless.

3. Zombie

Pair a flannel shirt with jeans, boots, and a beanie. Carry an axe (or cardboard cutout) for added effect.

4. Lumberjack

Wear any sports jersey you have, add some sweatbands, and carry a ball or racket. Instant sports star!

5. Athlete

Hawaiian shirt, shorts, socks with sandals, and a camera around your neck. Don't forget the map!

6. Tourist

Wear a Superman tee under a white shirt, glasses, and a tie. Leave the shirt slightly open to reveal your "secret identity."

7. Clark Kent

High-waisted pants, a bow tie, glasses (with tape in the middle), and a pocket protector. Embrace the geek chic!

8. The Nerd

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