McDonald's Shut Down a Genius New Sandwich

Menu hacks are amusing ways to reimagine fast-food orders, and sometimes they stick around. Hash browns inspire McDonald's consumers.

A McDonald's chef discovered that a breakfast sandwich atop hash potatoes almost made it on the menu. The corporation rejected

McDonald's Keto breakfast sandwich hack by @diegos_eats on TikTok. 

"We requested a sausage egg McMuffin.""Substitute the muffin for hash browns," the content creator says while unwrapping the product in his car.

"They were very hesitant to do this for me at my McDonald's," he says before eating. He added that he avoided the drive-thru and ordered the 

off-menu sandwich at the counter, which "made it a lot easier," and that if they still didn't want to do it, he'd order the items separately to assemble it

Chef Mike Haracz, McDonald's former culinary innovations manager, responded with a video. During his time at McDonald's, he wanted to 

add the hash brown sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on the menu, but for various reasons, it never happened.

"I was told that it's too many calories, too operationally complex, and too many people would order it," Haracz said.

Haracz's second video explored a hash brown breakfast sandwich's potential kitchen turmoil.

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