10 Most Stylish Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 60

Classic Pixie

The timeless pixie is short and elegant. Short layers and a tapering back make this classic style clean and elegant.

Textured Pixie:

Textured pixies add volume and movement. This tousled, young style has layers and choppy edges. 

Undercut Pixie:

This haircut has textured hair on top and shaved sides.

Sideswept Pixie:

Women over 60 look lovely in the side-swept pixie. Longer bangs or side-swept layers frame the face and soften this style.

Long-Bang Pixie:

Long-bang pixie cuts are adaptable and attractive. Sweeping longer bangs to the side frames

Tapered Pixie

For ladies over 60, the tapered pixie is popular. This style has shorter hair in the back and sides, growing longer at the top.

Spiky-Textured Pixie:

Spiky pixie haircuts are fun and youthful. This playful and edgy hairstyle adds height and texture.

Pixie Mess:

Over-60 women love the messy pixie. For a more casual look, this hairstyle has wavy layers and is slightly untidy. 

Asymmetric Pixie:

Asymmetrical pixies are bold, artistic, and customizable. Uneven lengths and angles make this hairstyle stand out.

Layered Pixie

Highlights enhance your pixie cut. Layered pixie haircuts with highlights can make hair appear fuller and more interesting.

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