Most Women Don't Like These Haircuts

Micro Bangs

Very short bangs are a daring style choice that doesn’t suit most faces, particularly rounder or fuller ones. They can make wide faces look even larger and expose too much of your forehead.

Blunt Shoulder-Length Cut

Blunt ‘straight-across’ cuts with no softening layers can look severe and lack dimension, especially if you have thin hair, and can make your locks look limp and lifeless.

Very Short Layers

Popularized by Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends, this ‘90s cut features short, choppy layers of slightly wavy hair. Despite its popularity, the cut can be tricky to style and unflattering on most face shapes.

Super Short Pixie

This low-maintenance cut can be incredibly chic on the right person but generally only flatters women with dainty, ultra-feminine features.

Blunt Bangs

Very straight, thick-cut bangs only suit specific face shapes and hair types, so be careful when opting for this style.

Bowl Cut

This blunt, helmet-shaped cut is unflattering on almost anyone, even when executed perfectly! It will make your head appear rounder and more prominent and may even overwhelm your facial features.

Super Short Layers

Short, choppy layers aren’t recommended for anyone with thick or curly hair, as this will result in an unattractive, overly volumized ‘Poodle’ look. Without hours of maintenance, you may end up looking like a scruffy lollipop.

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