Our Humble Recommendations for the Top Cat Breeds 

There are dozens upon dozens of fantastic cat breeds, and they are all great for different reasons. 

Due to the vast number of excellent cat breeds available, this is by no means a complete one.  

I don't currently own a cat myself, so I guess you could say I don't have a dog (cat?) in this fight. 

All cat owners know that it is the cats' individual personalities, not their breed, that make them such wonderful companions and pets. 

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This list contains some of the most popular breeds as well as some of the most distinctive or interesting. 

The following  cat breeds may not be the greatest of the best, but they are the most popular, gorgeous, and unusual. 

Some are hilarious, some are funny looking, some are kind, some are needy, and some are clever and will undoubtedly control your home.  

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