Pizza Hut Is Winning the Pizza Wars Again—Here's Why

Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Papa Johns are industry leaders. If asked to name their favorite quick-service pizza chain,

most Americans would choose one of the three (although Little Caesars and Marco's Pizza are close behind).

Recent sales statistics reveal that Pizza Hut had a solid close to 2022 while Domino's and Papa Johns underperformed.

Since Domino's and Papa Johns have surpassed the competitor brand in the pizza wars in recent years, this is an outstanding performance.

After surpassing Pizza Hut in systemwide sales, Domino's overtook it in store count in 2021.

Pizza Hut had to close hundreds of sites due to the COVID-19 outbreak and saw its 2020 sales decrease while Domino's and Papa Johns

2022 changed this pattern. Pizza Hut's overseas same-store sales rose 1% last year, while its U.S. sales fell 1%. The chain excelled in Q4 2022. 

Why this strong performance? In the last earnings call, Yum! Brands CEO David Gibbs said that Pizza Hut's October rollout of portable Melts drove sales.

Pizza Hut Melts resemble folded pizzas. The chain's Thin N' Crispy crust holds cheese, toppings, and dipping sauce. Pizza Hut promoted it as a 

quick supper for single diners and on-the-go customers. As inflation and rising costs squeezed consumer wallets, the product's $6.99 price 

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