Popeyes Viral Cajun-Style Turkey Is Back For A Limited Time

You may prepare for the holidays in virtually unlimited ways. Depending on how many people you're serving, Thanksgiving prep is mostly in the kitchen.

Popeyes has become an unexpected hero in recent years because of that. Fast food chains started selling fully cooked turkeys that needed to be frozen and reheated a few years ago.

Popeyes brings the turkey back for a third year. Like previous year, the chain has made it simpler to obtain one of the delicious birds. Cajun-Style Turkey may be ordered online for delivery or in-store.

If you were hoping Popeyes would sell the turkey again, you can buy it today on their turkey-specific website. Delivery begins on October 9.

After shipping, the frozen turkey will arrive in one to three business days.

You must pay taxes on online turkey orders, which total $99 including delivery. If that's too expensive, your local Popeyes may sell the birds. Store-bought turkeys were cheaper in the past.

Participating Popeyes stores begin in-store ordering October 17. To find out whether your location offers the unique feature, contact or visit.

Popeyes Louisiana-style seasoning is hand-rubbed on the turkey. Planning ahead is advised since it takes three days to completely defrost in the fridge and two hours to cook.

The turkey doesn't come with sides, but you may prepare your family's favorite Thanksgiving sides at home or order them from Popeyes if you don't want to cook.

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