Rocking the Edgy Pixie Haircut for women over 50

Correct Length: 

Find the proper length with your hairstylist. For adaptability, the edgy pixie can have shorter sides and back and longer top.

Layer & Texture:

Create movement and dimension with texture and layers in the clip. This can edgify your pixie.

Try Bangs: 

Bangs give your edgy pixie drama and character. To stand out, use choppy or asymmetrical bangs.

Bold Colors:

Bold hair colors work well with edgy pixie hairstyles. To add edginess, use highlights, lowlights, or a bold all-over color.

Textured Style: 

Texturize your pixie with wax, pomade, or texturizing spray. It will look edgy and undone.


Headbands, barrettes, and hairpins add flair to your pixie.

Confidence Matters: 

An edgy pixie haircut requires confidence. Be proud of your edgy pixie and embrace change.

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