Seven Must-Know  Facts About Great White Shark

Ocean predators like Great White Sharks are huge. Some have grown over 20 feet, but the typical length is 15 feet.

Massive Size

Great White Sharks can bite above 4,000 PSI. Their powerful jaws and strong, serrated teeth help them to bite through thick skin, blubber, and bone, making them excellent hunters.

Powerful Jaws

Great White Sharks protect marine ecosystems as apex predators. They maintain biodiversity by regulating species populations.

Top Predators

The sixth sense of Great White Sharks is electroreception. Their Lorenzini ampullae sense electromagnetic fields from other species' motions.


Great White Sharks hunt alone, although sometimes in couples or small groups. They travel large oceans alone to find nourishment.

Solo Hunters

The Great White Shark can swim 15 mph. They use their speed and force to startle their victim, often launching themselves out of the water during explosive breaches.

Incredible Speed

Very few fish are partially warm-blooded like Great White Sharks. This trait lets them hunt in cooler seas where their prey may not expect them by maintaining a body temperature slightly warmer than the water.

Warm-Blooded Fish

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