Southwest Seat Hog Called Out: Don’t Be That Guy……or Gal!

Before I start my diatribe, I need to clarify how Southwest Airlines distributes seats. No seats are assigned! Seating is open. First come, first served.

Airline passengers are assigned a boarding group, A, B, or C, and boarding position, 1-60, upon check-in.

Your boarding group and location decide when you board the plane and how many seats you can choose from.

I haven't flown Southwest in a while. Since I had so many Southwest points and travel dollars from flights being rescheduled during the epidemic

Another attempt! You may read about this week's saving-seats NO NO below, which is from before my recent trip.

I sat in the front of an aircraft last week. I saw a couple and wife in the middle and aisle seats across the aisle and one row ahead.

After some arguing, the flight attendant told the pair, “If she wants the window seat you have to let her sit there.”

People, since when do you get to choose your seatmate on an airline that assigns seats? Do Southwest Airlines passengers think they can choose their seats?

Watching these scenes is unpleasant. I appreciated the flight attendant's intervention. They ignore some things. I wasn't in the mood for another two-hour flight delay.

Pay for an early boarding place to board early. This is possible at the gate. A boarding number in the A group,

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