Starbucks Just Released 3 Exciting New Drinks

Your moment to try something new from Starbucks has here. On Monday, August 14, America's favorite coffee shop introduced three new 

drinks to savor the last few weeks of warmer weather. That's why the Summer Menu Remix has the trio of new drinks to spice up your frozen favorites.

But wait! Before you browse these tantalizing alternatives, remember that this Starbucks app menu

will only be available for a limited time, so get one quickly. Simply decide which drink to order first.

Request a little yet delicious adjustment to your Chocolate Cream Cold Brew. When ordering, click "customize" and select "add line the cup." 

"I've added the caramel/lined cup to my chocolate cream cold brew for a while now," one Starbucks consumer said on social media

Think again about how appealing an Iced Chai Tea Latte may seem. Starbucks now offers it with Matcha Cream Cold Foam.

You may already love Starbucks' Iced Black Tea Lemonade's excellent black tea and delicious lemonade.

You might be tempted to try it with blended ice instead of ice cubes. Order the perfect summer drink on the smartphone

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