The Best Retirement Hobby for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Pickleball

"Organizing a walking club or pickleball league would be just the ticket to keep this Mars-ruled sign on the go sans career,"

Gemini: Book club

"It's the ideal time for them to seek out that book club they always wanted to join but never seemed to have time for,"

Leo: Acceptance

You undoubtedly lived in the spotlight as an outgoing Leo. You'd rather experience that excitement as a youngster today.

Virgo: Puzzle

"Puzzles are perfect for this sign because they can sit for hours arranging everything!" Sunday says.

Libra: Gardening

"Taking a flower arranging class with friends is the perfect retirement activity because they can socialize while tapping into their aesthetic

Scorpio: Swimming

Scorpios crave release. Retirement aquatic activities are the best approach to get catharsis.

Sagittarius: Birdwatching

"The Sagittarius retiree is still an explorer by nature," Sunday says. "Joining a bird-watching club will give them the change they want."

Capricorn: Self-Care

Sunday suggests spending your free time on self-care as you've worked hard all your life.

Aquarius: Writing

"Starting a newsletter would be a supportive pastime for the Aquarius retiree because they'll be able to share their unique thoughts far

Pisces: Volunteering

Pisces, feel. Retirement is a terrific opportunity to help organizations you care about.

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