The Safest Caribbean Islands For Travelers

Virgin Islands

Starting our adventure in the Virgin Islands, which are both US and British possessions, we find protection in their beauty. 

Saint Lucia

Tucked away in the Eastern Caribbean, Saint Lucia beckons with lush landscapes and a welcoming atmosphere.

Saint Barthelemy

Safety is a hallmark of this French-governed Eastern Caribbean jewel. St. Barts has no murders and little petty thievery.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a destination defined by fun, great food, and pristine beaches.

Saint Martin

Saint Martin, an island with both French and Dutch affiliations, offers the quintessential Caribbean experience with a low crime rate.

Antigua And Barbuda

Popular among international cruises, Antigua and Barbuda presents a dynamic duo of sister islands.


A geographically tiny island, Bonaire stands out for its respectful and careful driving culture.

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