The Top 10 Roaring 1920s Hairstyles for women over 40

Haircut: Bob

The straight, jaw-length cut with or without bangs was a radical departure from the lengthy haircuts of the preceding era.

Waving fingers:

Finger waves were delicate, S-shaped waves worn with short bobs.

Cloche Hat Hair

In the 1920s, women styled their hair to fit beneath cloche hats. Slicking and tucking the hair was required.

Waves Marcel:

Curling irons or hot curling tongs were used to accomplish this appearance.

Bob Shingle:

Shorter layers at the nape of the neck gave the shingle bob a stacked look.

Crop: Eton

The Eton crop was a bold, boyish haircut that resembled Eton College schoolboys' close-cropped, slicked-down hairstyles.

Short Curly Bob:

Curly-haired women often wore short bobs to show off their curls.

Updo: Beehive

The beehive updo, often known as the "pompadour," involved adding volume to the crown and pinning the hair up.

Bob Curly:

This shingle bob had curling ends for a more feminine look.

Pretend Bob:

Tucking and pinning hair under at the nape of the neck created a faux bob for women with longer hair who wanted to try the bob haircut

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